Replica Set Deployment Topic - Error:Child Process Failed, exited with error number 48

Stuck on the Lab : Deploy A Replica Set for sometime.
I completed till step 5 at the first try (create m103-admin user and starting all 3 “mongod”). However could not complete it that day and when I come back to the lab, I am unable to launch even a single mongod instance. I am putting screenshot to show I have correctly configured the conf file and I don’t see any existing instance running.


Any pointers - any one on what am I doing wrong? Is it because I didn’t complete the exercise the first time? Won’t resetting workspace clear up the environment for a new try?

Any reason why you added in the bindIp field?

It is not a valid IP address for the IDE.

Only modify the configuration items specified in the lab.

Thank you steevej-1495. Yes - that was the problem and, honestly, I don’t know why added that IP.
Since I write down a number of things I listen in video, I suppose, I kind of copied an IP that I saw.

Much appreciated such a quick response.