Replica Set configuration using snapshot failing

I am getting following error while configuring the replica set in PSA architecture -

021-01-06T16:36:45.624+0000 F REPL [initandlisten] Oplog entry at { : Timestamp(1609910372, 1) } is missing; actual entry found is { : Timestamp(1609927216, 1) }
2021-01-06T16:36:45.624+0000 F - [initandlisten] Fatal Assertion 40292 at src/mongo/db/repl/replication_recovery.cpp 149
2021-01-06T16:36:45.624+0000 F - [initandlisten]

***aborting after fassert() failure

kindly advise. Thanks in advance

Please include a screenshot of the error, so we can see where are you running this and more details of the error.

Also, and apologizes for the silly question, but what exactly do you mean by “using snapshot” ?

And maybe relevant this ticket.

Hello @Santiago_Miranda,

Snapshot - I am referring to AWS EBS volume snapshot/backup.

I am using the filesystem backup/snapshot and configuring the mongodb relica set (PSA).

0. drop the local database from all three nodes (PSA)

  1. configure arbiter instance.
  2. configure Primary instance.
  3. configure replica set with arbiter instance and Secondary instance.
  4. take the dump of local db from Primary.
  5. restore the local dump on secondary.
  6. re-start the mongo service on Secondary → this is where I get the issue.

Screenshot of the error:

This forum is for questions related to MongoDB University courses content. You can still ask on the developers forum, and people will help out. :slight_smile:

Hello @Santiago_Miranda ,

Yes that make sense. However, in my case, I am clearing the local DB on both Primary and Secondary, Primary comes back fine but secondary not.

I have posted the same on developers forum.

Thanks much for looking into it.