Replica Down with error

Hello guys.

We use MongoDB Atlas Cluster (3 nodes).

Cluster 0, 2 occurs log like “I REPL [replication-227] Restarting oplog query due to error: NetworkInterfaceExceededTimeLimit: error in fetcher batch callback :: caused by :: timed out. Last fetched optime (with hash): { ts: Timestamp(1598332638, 1), t: 276 }[2017998953744055918]. Restarts remaining: 1”.

Cluster 1 transited Secondary from Primary and Cluster 0 transited Primary from Secondary.

After 30 seconds, Cluster 0 occurs log “stepping down from primary, because a new term has begun: 278” and Cluster 0 transited Secondary from Primary.

What is it?
We had service down time because it.

Please let me know.

Thank you

Hi Youseok,

It sounds like your MongoDB Atlas cluster experienced a failure or automatic maintenance-based election: It’s important to consider using retryable reads and writes within your application to minimize the disruption of MongoDB Atlas’s auto-failover.

Please use the lower-right chat bubble in the MongoDB Atlas UI to ask for help: we have a support team there ready to help.


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