Remove all uploaded external dependencies

The documentation talks about uploading external dependencies ( but does not seem to address removing all external dependencies from a Realm app. What is the correct approach for that either using Realm UI and/or CLI?

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Hi Ilya,

Unfortunately there is no delete option per se.
Can I ask why you would like to remove all dependencies?

I will mention that there is no cost/performance impact to yourself for keeping around dependencies.

If you’re looking to replace them with other dependencies, you can simply upload a new tar file with only the dependencies you want to use and it will replace what is already there effectively removing the packages that were not included in the new upload.

Should you wish to provide feedback to our team regarding the value of being able to delete dependencies explicitly, please visit our feedback forum for Realm and enter this as an idea that you would like to see developed.



Thanks for the update. It would be great to add the info about replacing dependencies to the docs.

I think that if an application no longer relies on dependencies it should be possible to remove them. Deleting unused code is a good idea in general.


Hi Ilya,

I have requested our documentation team to update the article with this information.

Kind Regards