Relax Posting needs approval rule

Just migrated to this forum from the google group and unfortunately I have to say that the limitation of not being able to ask questions without approval is quite annoying as it delays ongoing conversations and finding solutions to issues. I can understand that it might be necessary to keep spammers out of the forum. However, if a spammer is able to fake one post that is approved, the spammer is likely able to repeat that. I would like to put the idea out there, to relax the rule so that one just needs 1 approved post, to be able to post without approval.

@st-h Thanks for the feedback!

New user restrictions are part of minimising drive-by spam and encouraging quality posts as users become more familiar with the community. Google Groups has similar moderation for initial posts which has worked well to mitigate drive-by spam (which is unfortunately problematic).

It doesn’t take long to earn the next trust level. See: Trust Levels in the community welcome post for more information.

We have a global team of moderators so there shouldn’t be too much delay between initial post & approval, but we will definitely consider adjusting policies as the community grows.

If someone does earn a trust level and starts spamming, there is also an option to flag suspect posts for review by the moderation team.



thanks for your reply. It really did not take too long until the trust level was raised. It was just such a bummer, switching over from google group, while I was dealing with a mongo related issue and I was not able to even post the issue and reply to any suggestions. However, I understand that it is nearly impossible to find a solution which will work for everyone here.
I had a look at trust levels before posting though, and I did not find anything related to “posts need to be approved”, but maybe I just overlooked.

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