Register User in Web via Endpoint

Im currently writing a Blazor Web Assembly Application, that is connected to a Realm App. I wanna give users the possibilty to register and login on the mobile and the web app.
For logging in i can use an endpoint like: in the web app.
As far as i have read the documentation there is nothing similar for the registration process. So do i have to use the web sdk of realm for that?
It would be very useful if there would be something similar like the login endpoint cause i dont like mixing Blazor with javascript if it is not really necesarry.
Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile:

You can hit the register endpoint to register the user - it should be something like You can view the various routes in the web SDK source code. As for the payload, it looks like it’s { "email": "my-email", "password": "some-password" }.


Thank you very much @nirinchev :smiley:
That is exactly what i have been looking for :+1:
I think it could be useful to add stuff like that to the Documentation directly. :slight_smile:

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