Register user as admin

i just realised if the user is created without logging in, the customdata user wil not be stored even thou i have auto confirm user is on.
i find this a biggest bummer as i need to setup user on behalf of the user from admin perspective without going through mongodb dashboard.

now without the custom data, i could not add in roles or update the user data

Hi @James_Tan1,

Could you provide the following information:


using email and password provider
ive saved roles inside custom data of users table users.roles as array of name of role, example:
[‘admin’, ‘hr’]

yes iam using users.roles to validate for roles based permission

the problem is that admin need to setup account info inside the user .custom data collection, but since the user is not yet logged in, this is not possible. so the only way is to do a work around by saving it by email and use onauthentication to look it up and save the uid for that record