Regarding the connection pooling quiz [SPOILER ALERT]

Can someone explain to me why these two answers are incorrect ?

Multiple database clients can share a connection pool.
The connection pool will persist after the client is terminated.

My understanding (from the quiz’s preceding video) is that multiple clients would be sharing from the pool. If I have the default set (100) and 100 clients are looking to connect then all those connections will come from the pool, no?

Also wouldn’t the pool persist even after the clients are gone ?

Please explain. Thanks!

Hi @Stuart_76776,

A connection pool means to have multiple connections to the server but from one single client.
And it will be terminated once the client is disconnected.


thanks Kanika. in that case there is a mistake (?) in the picture in the lecture where the shopping cart icons are labelled “multiple clients”, so it looks like different clients are using the same connection pool. this is incorrect then?

thank you

Hi @Anju_Srinivasan_49578,

Thats a nice catch!!! But as far as my knowledge is concerned, one client has a connection pool which is shared among different connections.

Let me see what I can do here to improvise the lecture.