Regarding Final Exam and Score

Hello Guys,

This Is Abhishek, Guys I Scored 85% in labs till lab 2.6, now my doubt is what is score I need to score in Final Exam to clear this with certification.

Note: My current Progress is 85% end of lab2.6


Your final score for the course needs to be >= 65%

Your final score is determine in half by your labs, in half by your exam. Basically, the average of your exam and labs needs to be higher than 64%.

Because you finished your labs with 85%, your minimal exam score can be calculated as follows:

(85 + lab)/2 = 65
(85 + lab) = 130
lab = 45

So if you score 45% or higher on your exam, you’ve passed.


Hello -

I missed the labs for Chapter 1 (Family stuff), but ‘aced’ rest of Chapters and Final.

Could I still pass? Or should I unregister and start over?


Basically: you need to do the math :slight_smile: Use the report on your account and then check how many exam questions you need to break the >= 65% score.

Ha! Duh! Thank you sir :slight_smile: