References to requirements

Many customers are currently reviewing mongodb, and most of them are considering the following requirements from the RDB perspective:


  1. Perform data modeling based on requirements (ERD (logical))
  2. Physical data schema model (file)
  3. Policies on Data Retention and efficient DB design and operation of Time series data are required.

Is there anything we can consider or refer to regarding the relevant contents?

Hi @Kim_Hakseon,

I’d recommend SQL to MongoDB: An RDBMS Migration Guide as a starting point. It is difficult to suggest other resources without more information on your requirements.

There are many different resources for data modelling. @Michael’s post has a handy round-up to get you started: How do I model relationships with MongoDB?.

There aren’t a lot of configuration options to affect file-level options or data locality, but I think the general categories would be:

If you’re looking for other details can you provide more information on the DB system and features you are trying to compare to?

Do you have any more specific details? DB design could include a broad range of topics such as schema design, indexes, production tuning, etc. Efficiency depends on your use case requirements (for example, you may prefer efficient reads over efficient writes or some other interpretation).


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