Receive (Unauthorized) not authorized when trying to add new Data Source to Charts


I am trying to start my set-up for the MongoDB Charts tutorials. When I try to add a new data source and connect to the existing cluster, I receive the error:

(Unauthorized) not authorized, correlationID = 16f96fc97c291d250eb78295

What settings I’m missing?

Thank you


Receiving the same error as Pablo in trying to connect Charts to Atlas data.

Steps to replicate.

  1. In Atlas UI, Click Charts
  2. Data Sources, Add Data Source
  3. Select Cluster
  4. Next

(Unauthorized) not authorized, correlationID = 16f9846ccf1b409bc117a790


This happened to me too. Same replication steps with Justin.

I cannot progress my Introduction to MongoDB Charts course because of this.

Any fixes yet?

Hi @SourabhBagrecha ,

I read that thread but I don’t have issues with the connection string. I managed to connect to my cluster from Mongo Compass without any issue.

The issue is when I try to add a new data source to MongoDB Charts. Can I set somewhere there the connection string?

Thank you for your support,

Same issue here.

I’m using a free shared cluster, as I’m just checking out some capabilities - could that be the problem? @Pablo_Iglesias - are you also using a free shared cluster, or are you on a dedicated server?

I am using a free shared cluster since that one is the free one and I want to use it only for learning purposes. :smile:

@Kai_N_A1 , @Justin_Palmer - how about you two? Shared free cluster or a different configuration?

Hello Everyone, I am facing the same issue when I try to configure data source in mongo charts.
“(Unauthorized) not authorized, correlationID = 16fa8a3eabe7f39354130797”

Any fix or update on the same?

Hello @Pablo_Iglesias ,
Did you get the resolution on the same? If yes then kindly share the details.

Hi @Yash_Panchal ,
Sadly but no. I didn’t yet found the fix for the issue. If it happens, surely I will leave here the solution.

@Pablo_Iglesias , I also observed one thing. I have two clusters, one shared and the other is dedicated.

Unauthorized error isn’t coming on shared cluster. I was able to create source for charts.

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I’m having the same issue.
My cluster is an M10 deployed on AWS.

When I try to configure Chars by following:

  1. In Atlas UI, Click Charts
  2. Data Sources, Add Data Source
  3. Select Cluster
  4. Next

I get the following error:
(Unauthorized) not authorized, correlationID = 16faba7498b082b50542bd05

Hey folks.

Same problem here. Can’t add a data source to a new chart.

(Unauthorized) not authorized, correlationID = 16fabe82e1862daf05424973

Could it be a bug?

+1 same issue - seems to be a bug

Same issue, trying to connect shared cluster as a data source for charts.

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@Rao_Ferreira I’m getting the same for M10 cluster but not in shared. I am guessing that there must be something related to the type of cluster. (M10…)
If its the bug then it should not work in shared as well.

Hi everybody,

[UPDATE] The issue has been fixed.

Apologies for the interruption in your learning journey.
Our Charts Platform team has identified the issue and they are currently working on it. Please be rest assured that we will release a fix soon and hopefully you won’t face this issue after that.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks and Regards.
Sourabh Bagrecha,


Thank you sir! Please notify us if the issue has been fixed so we can continue our course on charts. Thank you again sir!

Thank you for response. @SourabhBagrecha For your information, I observed that this error isn’t coming on shared cluster.

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Hi guys, Finally it’s fixed

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