RealmSwift to Realm Platform Migration


I´m currently trying to migrate my realm object server on a self hosted instance to realm cloud. I could not find any online documentation on how to transfer the data to the cloud since do not have access to the cloud instances file system. What are the options there, is there a migration guide? I´m running on the latest ROS server.

Welcome @Christian_Huck,

Migration should be fairly straightforward if you are on the latest version of ROS, but does require some assistance to restore backups to the cloud.

If you reach out to your Account Executive or they should be able to provide guidance on options.


Thanks @Stennie. I wrote an e-mail to sales.

@Stennie Unfortunately nobody got back to me yet in more than a week :frowning:

@Christian_Huck My colleague who monitors this email has been out, I have replied asking for a time to talk. Thank you!

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