RealmJS vs native SDKs for React Native app

We’re using RealmJS for react native app, at first, it works great, there were a few crashes but a minority. Then we want to boost more performance by turning on hermes and using realmjs beta version that supports hermes, we have a bunch of crashes and weird behavior.
We tried to comprehend the realmjs code and fix the issue ourselves but not actually work, the crashes throw non-sense C++ code and supper hard to debug or identify the root issue.
I think realmjs has a great idea that written in C++ can be resused in multiple platform, web, RN(android, ios) and nodejs but also brought to different issues on different platforms.
I wonder if is it a better solution that we write native modules using JavaSDK and SwiftSDK then bridge to RN. Besides the performance, at least we can “read” to understand the code and debug it.
Does anyone have experience with this? How is it compared between realmjs and native SDK at performance?