RealmDB UNITY3D sync?

Dear support,

We are testing RealmDB with unity and need to sync the data from unity app to the server. Currently we are using Firebase. Please advise as how this can be done.


Have you read the Quick Start with Unity and the Add Device Sync to an App docs? If you tried following the instructions there and have questions, can you post them here?

Thanks Nikola, I have read the quick start and installed realm db by following the instructions that you provided but couldn’t implement the add-sync-to-app and I don’t see there any clear instructions on how to add sync in unity.

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Are you asking how to add the Realm package itself or how to sync data? If it’s the latter, the instructions for Unity are exactly the same as the instructions for regular .NET applications - you create an App instance, login a user, create a FlexibleSyncConfiguration, and finally, open a Realm.

Can you share the code/project you’re working on and add some comments in the place where you want to add sync and I’d be happy to take a look and try and point you in the right direction.

The Realm package is successfully installed in unity. The question is how to sync the data that is saved in the RealmDB to the server and vice versa. Would be great to have concrete examples of this kind of common operation with RealmDB in unity and a backend server.