Realm WebSDK vs Atlas - Definitive Use Cases - Looking for advice

What is the best way to define a use case of using the Realm WebSDK vs Atlas using Mongoose etc. For a web application.

This was asked in another area, and it actually has me stumped with the versatility Atlas itself has just existing with the Node.JS Driver, Mongoose, Functions, GraphQL, etc.

Where does the WebSDK fit where you’d use it over the other typical methods of using MongoDB/Atlas in say MERN or MEAN etc.? I suppose it can share a place in the MEAN or MERN stacks, but in what situations would the WebSDK excel over just typical Atlas work?

I want to be clear, this is not a “Use Realm as a Piñata” question, I’m actually being sincere and literal. As I’ve used the WebSDK in a 3D Website to count bubbles being popped by a user, etc. But it doesn’t have the ability to sync so it has to send the data to Atlas in batches, but also that’s how Mongoose does things too. Or Atlas functions unless you build a listener function and use triggers.

I’m legitimately trying to find use cases where the WebSDK goes above and beyond, or really stands out from other traditional web development services that everyone else learns to do.

As this question again was posed by someone else, and me and oa lot of others are stumped on how to answer this.

I would like to know this too because we use MERN right now where we work and I would like to know what advantage if any this Web SDK offers over Mongoose.

There are a few things the Realm Web SDK can do that other tools cannot: for example, calling a function or using the GraphQL API.

If you’re just looking for data access, the Realm SDK and a MongoDB driver serve similar purposes, but depending on your app needs (or what other apps you’re building) you might find it easier to think of your data model in terms of Realm Objects instead of MongoDB documents.

More information on the Realm Web SDK here:

And if you’re not familiar, you may be interested in checking out the MongoDB node driver (you might find it more usable than Mongoose):

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Hi All,

Device Sync for the realm-web SDK is now available as a preview feature!