Realm Synchronization with the .NET SDK not working on iPad Mini with iOS 12.5

We have a Xamarin.iOS app that runs Flexible Sync. It’s working fine on newer devices but on the iPad Mini with iOS 12.5, it crashes while syncing with no exception message. We use the Realm Nuget 10.18.0. Does Flexible Sync support iOS 12.5?
Any help is very much appreciated.

Hi @Sandeepani_Senevirathna, Realm and Flexible Sync should work with iOS 12.5.

I have tried to run a flexible sync project in the simulator using iOS 12.4 (couldn’t find precisely iOS 12.5) and iPad mini but it was working fine.
I have some questions that could help us finding the problem:

  • I suppose this is happening on a physical device, isn’t it? If so, what generation of iPad mini is it?
  • When does the crash happens? Do you manage to reproduce it constantly?
  • Can you try updating Realm .NET to version 10.19.0? It uses a slightly newer version of Realm Core
  • Is this happening also if you reinstall the app on the device?
  • Is it possible for you to send us the device logs related to the crash?

Hi @papafe ,

I have upgraded the Realm .NET SDK to version 10.19.0 and it’s working fine now.
In case you need more information on the issue I will provide them below:

  • It’s an iPad Mini 2.
  • The crash happened while waiting for the realm to sync, and also when connecting synchronously with waiting for upload/download. And it was consistent.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t solve the issue.

Glad to hear it’s working now! It could be that you encountered a specific bug that has been fixed in the last version.

If you find bugs in the future, feel free to open an issue in the .NET Realm Github repo, as we follow that more closely than the forum.

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