Realm Sync Query language documentation: where is the authoritative and complete reference?

I am looking into the Realm Query language documentation and found the main content in 4 places so far:

(1) The React Native SDK and the Node.js SDK have quite a thorough overview of the query language, but the syntax is confusing in some places:

Operators are listed in camel case, but are shown capitalized in many examples: beginsWith becomes projects.filtered("name BEGINSWITH[c] 'e'").length (both versions seem to work). - Does the case of the operators matter at all?

(2) The Realm SDK has another overview titled Tutorial: Query language, which shows a set of examples, including things like SUBQUERY and Backlink queries, which are not discussed in the above SDKs. This page also refers to the NSPredicate Cheatsheet shown below.

(3) The current link of Realm NSPredicate Cheatsheet (dated 2015) lists all the operators shown in the SDKs as well as a few others: for example BETWEEN and MATCHES. Are these available in the current version of Realm and is the NSPredicate Cheatsheet still a valid reference?

(4) In the iOS SDK , I found the following: “To filter data in your realm, you can leverage Realm Database’s query engine. Realm Database’s query engine supports common predicates of NSPredicate. For an introduction to NSPredicate in general, See Apple’s Predicates Programming Guide.” - It’s not clear form this, if all features of NSPredicate are supported.

Where (or which one of the above) is the authoritative and complete reference for the Realm Sync Query language?