Realm Sync - Long Initial Download Times

I have a macOS app built with the Realm Swift SDK. The dataset is about 150mb and is running on an M2.

When a new user runs the app for the first time, the initial download of of the database takes FOREVER. It pushes 5 minutes, even on a 1000Mbps connection. Sync operations after the initial download are instant and perfect.

Restructuring/segmenting the database is not an option; the app requires all of the data that is being downloaded.

The initial-download performance is becoming untenable and I need advice on how to fix it. I found an old thread about compaction, here: MongoDB Realm syncing size - #13 by Brock_GL

It’s unclear if this advice is still relevant. Do I need to contact support to enable this, still? Or is the option now exposed in settings somewhere?

Hi Bryan,
Would you be willing to share your app ID? This will allow us to take a closer look and possibly determine if this is due to cluster limitations, network, or something else.

Sure. What’s the best way for me to get that to you in a non-public forum?

I sent you a DM, we can coordinate there.