Realm Sync - Is it normal that Sync -> Write needs 2s to complete?

I just trying to sync our inventory collection to Realm Sync. The sync writing time is not what we expected. Is it normal? We use M10 and M30 for Atlas cluster but the writing time remain the same.

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after changing the provider from GCP to AWS, the write sync around 60ms.

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Hi, sync times can vary a little bit depending on the workload. Important things include:

  1. Size of cluster
  2. Proximity of cluster to the sync servers (currently only in AWS)
  3. Number of objects in each sync write
  4. Cluster health
  5. Number of conflicting writes to the same document

Sounds like you were able to get much better performance by moving to AWS which is good to hear. We are planning on expanding Atlas Device Sync to other cloud providers soon, so stay tuned for that!

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