Realm SYNC Host not found

I get below error while using the example on mongodb Realm.

05-04 16:44:13.056 5525-5551/m.realmjava E/REALM_SYNC: Connection[1]: Failed to resolve ‘’: Host not found (authoritative)

As per mongodb webstie mongodbp atlas is supported on ap-south-1

A similar error for another AWS site got resolved as per another discussion in this forum by updated settings by MongoDB team. Does this error also needs similar fix?

Hi, I’m encountering the same issue when trying to use Realm Sync offline. As soon as I turn off wifi and reopen the app, I get this error message. I’m really struggling to meet the offline-first capability here. Did you resolve your issue? Could anyone help?

I am also having this issue with the .NET SDK.
Any progress with this issue?

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Same issue with Android SDK, App logs full of errors
E/REALM_SYNC: Connection[2]: Failed to resolve ‘’: Host not found (authoritative)

Hello @Chandan_Thakur,

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There was an issue internally with a deployment but it is resolved. Could you confirm this is working for you now?

I look forward to your response.

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