Realm Sync Detect User Session Revoked

Within the MongoDB Realm > App Users UI, there’s the option to Revoke all sessions for individual users. We used this option to test with and found we’re unable to detect the user needs to reauthenticate with the Realm Cocoa SDK. We checked RLMUser::state and RLMUser::isLoggedIn; both indicate the RLMUser is logged in. Furthermore RLMUser::sessionForPartitionValue returns a valid session and we can see in the debug console that the server returns a HTTP 401 error stating the user need to authenticate, so how does one detect the user needs to reauthenticate ?

@Mauro Do you have an error handler on the client? See here:

And there should be an auth error here:

@Ian_Ward Yes, the error handler is set, and for a sanity check I just re-tested and the result is the same; the error handler is not being called in this instance.

@Mauro Can you file an issue here with code snippet and steps to reproduce please -