Realm Sync configuration file

I am pretty new to Realm Sync. After browsing the documentation for a while, I am somewhat confused because I found that there are 2 possible ways (or location to be exact) to implement Realm Sync through realm-cli:

  1. In app/sync/config.json
  2. In data_sources/<service-name>/config.json

Am I missing something?

Hello @mangkoran,

Realm Sync can be implemented in 3 different ways

  1. Realm App UI,
  2. Realm CLI,
  3. Realm Admin API.

If you are new to Realm Sync, I would recommend going through App UI. You would need to create an account at and follow the instructions for SDK of your choosing. You may also find DevHub articles helpful.

Please feel free to reach out if at any stage you need help.

Kind Regards,

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I am aware that Sync can be implemented in various ways. However, my question is limited to Realm CLI implementation, which I found itself has 2 different way to implement. Your reply did not answer my question yet. Am I missing something here?

The first link you have shared is only brief information of the config.json file that can be edited to implement Sync. The linked section is a quick glance at the Realm Configuration Files.

The second link gives the detailed steps on how to implement Realm Sync via Realm CLI. You can only refer to this link for setting up Sync via CLI.

I hope this clarifies.

Kind Regards,