__realm_sync . client_history takes up all cluster storage

Trying out Realm Sync on an existing app with around 3 MB of Realm data, testing it on multiple devices my free M0 cluster is out of memory with 500 Mb of __realm_sync . client_history data.
Anyone else faced a similar issue?

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I have exactly same problem, did you find solution?

I’m also experiencing this issue, although for me its the history collection, not client_history. Just opened a new topic on this to hopefully get more suggestions.

@Vibhor_Agarwal Realm Sync stores all the operations that have mutated any data over the course of the lifetime of your Realm Sync app. You can see more details here - https://docs.mongodb.com/realm/sync/protocol/#changeset

We do have a compaction feature that we have rolled out to some users which will trim some operations from the history collection. If you’d like to have it enabled for your Realm Sync app please send me an email with the URL of your Realm App dashboard and I can get it enabled for you - ian.ward@mongodb.com