Realm Sync / Allow Traffic SIM CARDs

Hi Everyone,

We work with mobile POS devices and the traffic is allowed only for the URLs that our app consumes over sim cards.

Now we started work with Realm MongoDB Sync feature and the sync doesn’t work when we’re connected using the sim card.

I need allow the traffic from the sim cards of my devices but I have no ideia what domain, port and protocol the Realm Syncronization are using. Is there nay place inside Atlas that I can check this ?

Best Regards
Brainer Konno

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Brainer_Konno !

For more information about Atlas security, please refer to Atlas App Servies - Application Security.

I believe the information you are looking for is:

When you use Device Sync, you can use DNS filtering to allow connections from the Sync client to the Sync server. Using DNS filtering, you can access * via HTTPS or port 443.