Realm Studio V10.0.0 Released

This is the first release for MongoDB Realm to be used with the v10.0.0 versions of the Realm SDKs. Learn more about the Realm SDKs 10.0 Release on our Developer Hub HERE

NOTE: This version do not support Realm Cloud and Realm Object Server. Realm Studio 5.0.0 is the latest
release that supports that.

Breaking Changes (compared to v5.0.0)

  • All functionality related to the Realm Object Server (ROS), such as connecting to a server, opening synchronized Realms from it and managing users and their permissions has been removed. (#1282)
  • All functionality related to the “legacy” Realm Cloud (available via, such as authenticating and connecting to a server instance has been removed. (#1282)


  • Mac app is now notarized. (#1339)
  • JSON export now supports circular structures. (#1315)
  • Embedded Objects can now be created, edited, viewed & deleted (#1321)
  • Lists of Embedded Objects now have same functionality as Linked Objects (#1321)
  • UI: Add Property always visible (#1321)
  • UI: Non sortable grid headers now have a different color (#1321)
  • UI: Grid headers for Embedded Objects marked with (embedded) (#1321)
  • Schema export now supports new types ( ObjectId , Decimal128 & Embedded Objects). (#1329)
  • Updated the link to “Download a demo Realm file” on the greetings window, to link to a Realm file with the v20 file-format.
  • Added support for creating & generating ObjectId when creating objects. (#1291)
  • Added support for editing existing ObjectId values. (#1290)
  • Primary keys in Class/Schema creation now defaults to an ObjectId property named _id .
  • Added support for creating Decimal128 when creating objects. (#1292)
  • Added support for editing existing Decimal128 values. (#1292)
  • Added support for viewing and editing Embedded Objects (#1298).


  • Edit mode for primary keys has been disabled (#1321)


  • File format: Generates Realms with file format v20 (used by SDK v10.x.y versions). Earlier file formats can be read and automatically upgraded to v20. But you will not be able to edit older file formats.