Realm Studio and Realm 12 (Mac)

Since updating the RealmSwift SDK to v12, I can no longer do live editing of the realm data in Realm Studio 11.1.2.
I get this error displayed

Realm file is currently open in another process which cannot share access with this process. All processes sharing a single file must be the same architecture.

I am using an M1 Mac. Is this the issue?

Ahh, yeah, I see how that error message could be confusing. This actually isn’t related to the system architecture - this is the error message when there’s a mismatch between the realm file version produced by the SDK and the realm files that Realm Studio can use. There will be an updated version of Realm Studio out shortly - probably later this week. We’re currently pushing a bunch of updates ahead of MongoDB World next week, and our coordination could have been better around this. Sorry about that!