Realm Studio and Realm 12 (Mac)

Since updating the RealmSwift SDK to v12, I can no longer do live editing of the realm data in Realm Studio 11.1.2.
I get this error displayed

Realm file is currently open in another process which cannot share access with this process. All processes sharing a single file must be the same architecture.

I am using an M1 Mac. Is this the issue?

Ahh, yeah, I see how that error message could be confusing. This actually isn’t related to the system architecture - this is the error message when there’s a mismatch between the realm file version produced by the SDK and the realm files that Realm Studio can use. There will be an updated version of Realm Studio out shortly - probably later this week. We’re currently pushing a bunch of updates ahead of MongoDB World next week, and our coordination could have been better around this. Sorry about that!


Any updates on this as we are running into the issue and it’s really slowing development.

We have Realm Studio 11.2.1, SDK 10.28.2 and a macOS 12.4 App

If RealmStudio is opened prior to opening the app, we get this error in XCode


Realm file is currently open in another process which cannot share access with this process. All processes sharing a single file must be the same architecture. For sharing files between the Realm Browser and an iOS simulator, this means that you must use a 64-bit simulator. Path: /Users/…

If RealmStudio is opened after the app is opened, RealmStudio throws this error

Failed to open Realm

The file is already opened by another process, with an incompatible lock file format. Try up- or downgrading Realm Studio or SDK to match their versions of Realm Core.

See Realm Studio changelog on GitHub for details on compatibility between versions.

The Realm File(s) have been deleted and re-created to ensure they are fresh and up-to-date. (and yes, the .lock files all deleted etc)

Is this corrected with RealmStudio 12.0 ( Jun 7 2022 release date)?


This looks like a slightly different issue, @Jay . But these similar questions make me think I should add something to the docs to help folks troubleshoot these types of errors, so I’ll do that in the next week or two. In the meantime, the places where you can get info are the release notes for the SDK and Realm Studio.

For example, in the Swift SDK, v 10.28.2 says it is compatible with Realm Studio v 12.0.0. The other clue is at the bottom of the release notes where it says Internal; there is a realm-core version bump. I don’t think the one in 10.28.2 is an issue, but if you look at the 10.27.0 version of the Swift SDK, that has a note about a Realm Studio limitation:

Notably this includes Realm Studio, and v11.1.2 (the latest at the time of this release) cannot open Realm files which are simultaneously open in the simulator.

On the Realm Studio side, the release notes for v12.0.0 have a small compatibility table that lists Swift SDK 10.27.0 and newer, and describes this simultaneous open limitation in more detail.

Based on these notes, I’d say v 12.0.0 of Realm Studio should solve your problem.


Ah! We are not using iOS, nor any simulators so at first glance the issue noted in the release notes was mostly interacting with the simulator, not a live working Realm file. I now see (upon second glance) the “opened by another process” meaning any process.

Thanks for the heads up