[Realm React Native] useUser , Delete User Error

Hello, I’m running into an error using the [app.deleteUser]
(https://www.mongodb.com/docs/realm/web/create-delete-user/#:~:text=Call%20the%20App.,addition%20to%20clearing%20local%20data.) and useUser hook.

I am trying to add functionality to delete a realm user (from the server and from the device). I have tried the following (and encountered the following errors):

When I call this function, the user gets deleted and the app crashes.

I encounter this error: {"errorCode": 1, "message": "user_not_found"}

I am having trouble tracing this error, but so far as I can tell, the children of <UserProvider> are getting rendered—I have a fallback, which is not rendering despite the user deletion succeeding.

When I restart the app, the app uses the fallback passed to <UserProvider>.

app.removeUser(user)** or **user.logOut()
If I call either of these functions followed by an app.deleteUser(), I encounter this error: User must be logged in to be deleted.

If I add a loading state and call either of these functions after app.deleteUser(), I encounter this error: Exception in HostFunction: User is no longer valid.

app.removeUser(user); app.deleteUser(_.clone(user));
The app continues to run, but the intended behavior does not occur; the user does not get deleted. (The user merely gets removed/logged out, depending on the function I call before app.deleteUser.)

So… I need help: How do I delete a user and ensure that the renders its fallback component? (Post-deletion, it seems the app still thinks a user object exists.)


Updated to realm-js v.0.4.3 and it appears to work now. I was going to something weird with Realm.UserState (which considers a “Removed” state), but now I don’t have to.

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