Realm React, Flutter & C++ SDK | Community Update June 2023


What’s happening in the Realm Community? Here’s a quick recap:

New in Product

Realm React v0.5.0

The Realm JS team has recently released a new version of the Realm React library. This includes the following features to make integrating Realm in your React Native application even easier:

  • Authentication Hooks useAuth and useEmailPasswordAuth
  • Improved useQuery syntax for handling filtered and sorted modifiers
  • Ability to import RealmProvider, useQuery, useObject and useRealm directly from the @realm/react package without calling createRealmContext

For more details, check out the team blog.

Realm Flutter v1.3 released

Realm Flutter 1.3.0 was released on This release includes support for full-text search, decimal 128, and raw binary, as well as numerous other features, fixes and performance improvements. Find out more at Realm product team blog by our Flutter SDK engineer Kasper Nielson.

Realm C++ Preview released

The Realm C++ SDK has been updated to preview that includes support for windows, and schema declarations via macro. The C++ team has curated some examples to try out and is looking for your feedback to further enhance the SDK.

Performance Testing of Atlas Device Sync

Our Sync Engineering Team leader Tyler Kaye has written an article that describes performance of Atlas Device Sync and created scripts to help our developers run their own tests to monitor performance of device sync for their application. Find more details on Team Medium Blog.

From the Community

How to resume Sync session if custom user data is updated

Kudos to our community member @Rossicler_Junior for finding a solution on sync session reset after changes to custom user data.

  1. Permissions are cached per sync session. Changes to custom user data or roles and permissions will not be picked until the sync session starts.
  2. Pause and Resume would update the permissions/roles and the client receives a client-reset which can be handled automatically.
  3. More discussions on this by community member Dan Ivan

Is Schema generated if Dev Mode is on?

Thanks to our community member @Josh_Whitehouse for reporting the issue with Flutter SDK and mentioning steps to recreate the issue where server schema is not populated on running the local application and leads to client-reset. The flutter team is working on finding the solution as soon as possible.

Henna Singh

Community Manager
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