Realm NodeJS SDK is not setting tokens

I use the Realm NodeJS SDK and I have a working Login Form that works but somehow all I get is a response Successfully logged in as user but there are no Tokens saved in the LocalStorage also there are no Tokens in the Response so I could take them and store them by myself so how the NodeJS SDK keeps a use logged in and has the state available, can anyone explain this to me? Thanks


@Ivan_Jeremic We cache the login metadata for you under the hood and take care of token refreshes behind the scene - if you are trying to run in a frontend browser app you should be using the realm-web sdk. the node.js sdk is for building server side apps

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@Ian_Ward I write the code on the Server (Next.js on the Server part). But the client needs somehow to know the status of the user how else to handle the frontend state (authenticated or not)?