Realm .NET 10.0.0-beta.3 crashes on UWP release build

We’ve decided to update to 10.* version in order to be able to use decimal support and the rest of the new features. We were ready to make the first release with the new SDK, and soon after we made our release build we discovered that the application crashes with the following exception when built in release mode:

'Incompatible MarshalAs detected in parameter named 'value'. Please refer to MCG's warning message for more information.'

This only happens in release mode though, both on iOS and UWP. This is a major blocker for as and we would have to revert the effort of 2 weeks of refactoring if we decide to revert the changes. Anything we could do to work around this issue?

Here you can find a sample project that demonstrates the issue.

Let’s discuss in the Github issue and I’ll post an update here once we know what’s going on.


This was resolved and will be fixed with the next release.

The fix has been release with 10.0.0-beta.5.

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