Realm Model generation across platforms


I’m looking for any tips about making it easy to generate realm model objects across different platforms. It seems quite fiddly getting them matched and I wondered if there’s any good strategies for making it simpler.

I saw that it’s possible to generate language specific models using the Realm Studio tool, but the generated code isn’t always the best object structure and it’s a manual process.

Ideal would be something like protocol buffers that you could check into a single repo and reference from many projects. Is that too hopeful?

Hi Jason - sorry for the long wait …

Currently Realm Studio is the only tool that we provide (and I know of) which can generate the language specific code. Although it’s not a separate package, the part of Realm Studio responsible for this is highly decoupled from the rest of Realm Studio:, it should be fairly easy to repurpose for your need.
I added an issue in the Realm JS repository with a suggestion to build and publish this as a separate package on NPM. Although I don’t know what the priority of getting that solved would be.

but the generated code isn’t always the best object structure

I would love specific suggestions on how to improve this.

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