Realm March 2022 Newsletter: Kotlin Beta, Flutter News, Expo Templates, and more


This month’s newsletter is jam-packed with exciting updates, so let’s jump right in!

Realm Kotlin is now in Beta

The Realm team is happy to announce the beta release of our Realm Kotlin SDK — with support for both Kotlin for Android and Kotlin Multiplatform apps. You can now deploy and maintain a data layer across iOS, Android, and desktop platforms from a single Kotlin codebase. Read the announcement blog.

Windows support on Realm Flutter

The Realm Flutter SDK now includes support for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Get super fast access to Realm using the Dart FFI and integrate it into any version of your Flutter projects. Learn more.

Integration with Expo’s Custom Development Client

The latest release of our JavaScript SDK includes an integration with Expo’s Custom Development Client. Use the TypeScript or JavaScript templates to get started with Realm and Expo today! Read more.

Define ‘@Persistable’ objects with Realm Swift Type Projections

We’re excited to introduce ‘Type Projections’ in the Realm Swift SDK. Users can now define any object type from any framework as ‘@Persistable’ themselves. Now, only write once how to convert a URL to a String and Realm will remember!

Other recent updates

  • Flexible Sync Tutorial for iOS – Not sure how to get started with Flexible Sync? Follow along in this tutorial to see how @Andrew_Morgan incorporates it into his RChat app.

  • Learn how to use Realm in a Xamarin.Forms app – This article shows how to use Realm effectively in a Xamarin.Forms app. We will take a look at SharedGroceries, an app to share grocery lists with friends and family, backed by a REST API. Check it out.

  • 100 Days of Code – Join Realm’s Community Manager @henna.s on her journey through 100 Days of Code! Today is Day 30 for Henna, but it’s never too late to start. Share your progress and win fun badges like ‘Code Ranger’ along the way.

Calling all Realm tutorial feedback!

The Realm team is looking to update our tutorials, and we need your help understanding what we could do better. Share your feedback in this 2-minute survey.

Next up, we are traveling to the Game Developers Conference later in March… If you’re there, feel free to stop by and say hello.

Ian Ward

Product Manager, Realm


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