Realm Log forwarder log schema different than documentation and Log UI

I have activated the Realm Log forwarder to forward ALL my logs to a single collection within Atlas

However, I observe that the log schema is in this format below, which is different than the one I can read from the Log UI and also different than the documented spec:

How can I process such log with my log monitoring backend?

  "_id": {
    "$oid": "622b088893f74a056d7d14ea"
  "co_id": {
    "$oid": "622b088893f74a056d7d14e9"
  "api_type": "",
  "api_version": null,
  "user_domain_id": null,
  "domainId": {
    "$oid": "616cea03c014670212ff27fd"
  "appId": {
    "$oid": "616cea03c014670212ff27fc"
  "groupId": "616ce7125c63c93a0c65f86c",
  "admin_app_domain_id": null,
  "admin_app_id": null,
  "domain_id_hash": {
    "$numberInt": "2000105617"
  "location": "SG",
  "requestURL": "",
  "requestMethod": "",
  "started": {
    "$date": {
      "$numberLong": "1646987400000"
  "completed": {
    "$date": {
      "$numberLong": "1646987400007"
  "function_id": {
    "$oid": "61ad7ec4b970a77bf21f9d98"
  "function_name": "someFunction",
  "has_error": true,
  "error": "Failed to notify data observer: FunctionError: http request: \"headers\" argument must be a object containing only string keys and string array values",
  "event_subscription_id": {
    "$oid": "61ad7ec7a13a0c706acecb82"
  "event_subscription_name": "someTrigger",
  "mem_time_usage": {
    "$numberLong": "3460320"