Realm is Now Atlas Device SDKs

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An interesting change.

Inherently, Realm is an offline first database which is a different use case then Atlas - which we feel justified the distinction. So now Atlas is an offline/online first database? Sounds like an identity crisis.

Is there something more too this or just an effort to unify the platform?

This feels like the Parse scenario from a few years ago which is why we ask.

(just being a bit dubious)


hey @Jay - we are aligning our names to make it clear to the external market and our internal team what the SDK is ideally intended for - to sync data with Atlas. Not many users have as much experience with the product as you do :slight_smile: so they may not have as much clarity on how the SDK works with Atlas. We hope this makes it more clear. We still intend to continue investing in the SDKs and iterating on the feature set with new releases. The SDKs can be used with or without sync but of course we hope they use sync!


Hi Ian, from a practical point of view… did anything change? Do I need to do anything?


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Nothing has changed from a practical point of view. You do not need to do anything


Is there a timeline when the word “Realm” will be sunsetted from the documentation and replaced with the word “Atlas Device SDK”?

Also is there a future plan to rename code level calls eg let realm = try! Realm() to let atlas = try! Atlas()

Just trying to get clarity on the path.

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There are no plans to change the realm name in code right now so it will still be part of the docs for the foreseeable future. We will look to update the docs over the next quarter or so to explain the new high-level product name and how realm still serves as the storage part for the SDK.

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