Realm implementaion issue with React Native Android Kotlin

I’m implementing the Realm(v6.0.4) in React-Native(v0.58) for both platforms iOS/Android(Kotlin).
It’s working well in iOS but It’s showing error in Android. I used official Realm Doc… to implement it.
When I’m not using (debug console) in emulator, it’s showing error (attached below).

if i use (debug console) in emulator then

I can see It’s writing files (Screenshot attached) but it doesn’t respond after that, App gets freeze.

Android Studio: v3.5.2
OS: MacOS Catalina
React Native: v0.58
Code Base: Kotlin

Thanks Sundar for posting this here as well after your tweets - let me see if I can get one of the Realm Engineers to look at this for you.

Thanks for your acknowledgement,

Did you try the newer docs Sunder? Here - ?