Realm have been paused due to an error: TranslatorFatalError: use of closed network connection


I have 4 realms, and the one in prod have been paused due to an error few days ago.

Yesterday, 2 others realms have been paused at the same time with the same error:

failed to prepare initial sync workers: connection ([-xxxxx]) incomplete read of message header: read tcp> use of closed network connection.

What does it mean ? I can’t let my Realms (especially the one in production) to fail “randomly”.
I had to stopped and restart the Sync to make it work again (So a Client Reset will happen for the users).

Thanks for your help

Hi, we are currently aware of the issue and taking steps to fix it. This is due to a change in how we connect to MongoDB clusters and affects longer-running connections, but we should hopefully have this resolved soon. We will be releasing a change tomorrow to not make this a fatal error, and make it a retryable error instead. Additionally, we are working on not making it happen at all, but unfortunately, it’s a slightly larger fix.


Hi @Tyler_Kaye,

Thanks for your answer, I was especially afraid that it came from us.

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The fix to make this no longer a fatal error was just released. We anticipate the larger fix for this will get deployed in the next week or 2, but for now, this will be automatically retried at least. Will ping this thread again when that is deployed (it is currently in progress).

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Thanks a lot for your help !

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