Realm graphql throws error: cannot find app using Client App ID

I’m getting graphql error on first start of my app
Error is:
“cannot find app using Client App ID”
And when I refresh the app login again it works.

Node js 14,
electron 12.0.0
realm 10.10.1 (Node js SDK)

Here’s my code

const credentials = Realm.Credentials.jwt(token);
      console.log('credentials--->>>>', credentials)
      await app.logIn(credentials);
     return app.currentUser.accessToken

same here

{ error : cannot find app using Client App ID }
the data API was deployed in region AWS, Paris (EU_WEST_3)
generated an APIKEY
cannot run any Read or Write request
I am testing the API with Postman for the moment. No source code to display

What can you do to troubleshoot the issue ?
On my end, there is not much that I can do. Any help is appreciated

I am having the same problem when making a request from a web app to[APP_ID]/graphql.

The response is “cannot find app using Client App ID ‘[APP_ID]’”

It had been working for months without a problem. Storing data through webhooks is still working.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue.

Did you guys find anything that works?

I’m on the free tier, using M0.


Same here, please help!