Realm GraphQL request header api key docs obsolete again

I found Obsolete doc? Realm GraphQL request header for API Key

And thanks to this, I tried api-key instead of apiKey and now my request authenticates correctly. Maybe it’s because I’m using an endpoint instead of graphql? (The graphql docs are the only place which describes how to authenticate with http headers, though)

I don’t usually vent frustration like this, but will you guys please get your stuff together? I know you’re trying. Maybe prioritize making the docs community-editable? I’ve acquired a bunch of “tribal knowledge” over the last year fighting with the platform and most of it will just die with me (or, hopefully, be forgotten long before I die).

Thanks for your feedback and I appreciate the honesty @Eve_Ragins . This sounds frustrating and I’m sorry that there isn’t consistency here. We have a ticket to address this but it just hasn’t been prioritized over some of the other work we’re trying to do. We will do our best to get it to it soon.

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