Realm functions 30s input timeout

I’m trying to upload large images to Realm functions, but it is timing out at 30s with error:
InvalidParameter — invalid function call request

It does work fine with <8Mb images, but if I try larger images like 10Mb it fails with the error above.

After a couple tries I concluded there is actually input timeout in place of 30s. Because all failures happens at 30004ms, 30030ms, 30005ms. Is that true, do we have an input timeout within Realm?

If that’s true, any plans to change that? It is fairly common in my app to upload large images, and right now will have to go back to a web server for that task. Wish could be solved within Realm, without the need for an extra server.

Can’t rely on a user to upload faster than 30s.

— I’m within the 18Mb limit noted here
— I’m following the same example here and it does work fine for images <8Mb.

If there will be a 30s input timeout, please update the docs to note that limitation too.


Hi Andre,

The timeout has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds.
This may also be related to your network bandwidth as that can affect the behaviour, please check.


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