[Realm Flutter] Congrats MongoDB Team on Release

Hey all, me again. I’ve been asking a lot of questions about MongoDB—specifically Realm with React—in the community forums lately. When I first started working with Realm, I tried to learn Flutter using the Realm Flutter SDK. When I was first getting started, it was a release candidate. A few days ago, it went GA!

I put a pause on my Flutter project, but learning Realm has been an overall positive experience, and it’s been really helpful for bringing my React Native product to market. The team has also been helpful in the community forums as I’ve been bashing my head against the wall figuring out a few problems. (Thanks @Kyle_Rollins)

So no questions or complaining in this post, just a congrats to the team—and I look forward to using the Realm Flutter SDK for my next project. If this violates some community guidelines, oops—sorry.


Nice! I’m glad you’ve had a positive experience with Realm. It’s very cool tech. I wish I had had more time to help you out along the way, but lurking and helping in the forums is a bit of a luxury for me: my job responsibilities keep me pretty busy!

Please continue to post when you get blocked. It’s a good signal for the docs team on where the docs could use some help and it can help other folks who are learning Realm.

Good luck with the Flutter SDK!