@realm/expo-template-js/ts Realm Demo Task App not working (JavaScript)

Being new to MongoDB realm, try to use the MongoDB realm demo Task app (@realm/expo-template-js and @realm/expo-template-ts template).

I did not change anything apart from using realm version “11.0.0” instead of “^11.3.1” because of this problem.

But when I add a task I get the following error for both templates :

Android Bundling complete 58ms
ERROR Error: Exception in HostFunction: Property must be of type ‘object_id’, got (function _default() {
return new Realm.BSON.ObjectId();

Please find below Task.js of the JavaScript template (again, I did not change anything)

// This JS version of the Task model shows how to create Realm objects by
// defining a schema on the class, which is required if your project does not
// use TypeScript. If you are using TypeScript, we recommend using
// `@realm/babel-plugin` (https://github.com/realm/realm-js/blob/master/packages/babel-plugin/),
// which allows you to define your models using TypeScript syntax.
// See `Task.ts` in the Realm example app for an example of using the plugin.

export class Task extends Realm.Object {
  constructor(realm, description, userId) {
    super(realm, { description, userId: userId || "_SYNC_DISABLED_" });

  // To use a class as a Realm object type in JS, define the object schema on the static property "schema".
  static schema = {
    name: "Task",
    primaryKey: "_id",
    properties: {
      _id: { type: "objectId", default: () => new Realm.BSON.ObjectId() },
      description: "string",
      isComplete: { type: "bool", default: false },
      createdAt: { type: "date", default: () => new Date() },
      userId: "string",

Please find below Task.ts of the TypeScript template :

// This TS version of the Task model shows how to create Realm objects using
// TypeScript syntax, using `@realm/babel-plugin`
// (https://github.com/realm/realm-js/blob/master/packages/babel-plugin/).
// If you are not using TypeScript and `@realm/babel-plugin`, you instead need
// to defining a schema on the class - see `Task.js` in the Realm example app
// for an example of this.

import {Realm} from '@realm/react';
export class Task extends Realm.Object<Task> {
  _id: Realm.BSON.ObjectId = new Realm.BSON.ObjectId();
  description!: string;
  isComplete: boolean = false;
  createdAt: Date = new Date();
  userId!: string;

  static primaryKey = '_id';

  constructor(realm: Realm, description: string, userId?: string) {
    super(realm, {description, userId: userId || '_SYNC_DISABLED_'});