Realm Event - SwiftUI Best Practices with Realm (Jan 27, 2021)

Save the date!! January 27th 10am CST - SwiftUI Best Practices with Realm.

In this event, Jason Flax, the engineering lead for the Realm iOS team, will explain what SwiftUI is, why it’s important, how it will change mobile app development, and demonstrate how Realm’s integration with SwiftUI makes it easy for iOS developers to leverage this framework. Walk through the code and get all your questions answered -

  • SwiftUI Overview & Benefits

  • SwiftUI Key Concepts and Architecture

  • Realm Integration with SwiftUI

  • Realm Best Practices with SwiftUI

  • Q&A

Please register on our Live platform HERE. We look forward to seeing you - oh, and please share too - the more the merrier!

Also, if you have any particular questions you’d like to see @Jason_Flax cover, please add as a comment and we’ll either answer here if we can, or add them to the agenda itself on the day.

Is there a recording of the session available somewhere?

Sure is -


Will you please add a link for the source files on GitHub? Thank you.

Hey Paul, here’s the repo:

Kurt Libby, I don’t believe that was the project that was presented. I think Jason presented a Reminders style app.

@Paul_Simmons, ah, I was thinking of the meetup that Andrew hosted.

The one that Jason demoed is at

Hope that helps!


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Thank you Kurt Libby!

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Hi @Paul_Simmons – I’m not sure about the code from that specific session, but the Realm Cocoa SDK repo comes with some evergreen samples – ListSwiftUI from here is probably the most relevant.

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