Realm Dot-net App throws exception Bad Changeset (DOWNLOAD)

Working Dot-net app now gives Bad Changeset error, since starting to sync the analogous Android app .
Dot-net uses realm 10.0.0-beta2, Android 10.2.0.
No errors shown in Logs.

Order of events:

  1. Run the Dot-net app. Synced data ok
  2. Run the Android app. Synced data ok.
  3. Restart the Dot-net app. Fails with Bad Changeset error, every time.

Wiping realm from Android app and deleting both realm files, has no effect.
I’m stuck with the error on Dot-net app (Android app is OK).

I’m not sure if I’ve ever managed to sync a dot-net app with synced data from an android app.
Has anyone been successful with multi-platform syncing with dot-net realm?

The logs on the server should have more details about the bad changeset.

How can I access the server logs?
There were no errors in the mongo logs on the dashboard.

I have found the problem.

One of the classes in the Android version had a variable as ‘val’, the dot-net version a ‘var’ type.
Pity that this oversight could not have been reported to the logs.
Thanks for following this post.

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