Realm docs are not up to date with npm package. docs

Howdy all, I noticed there was a newer version of @realm/react available and the readme on the npm website is different to the documentation on the website, wondering if these will be brought in sync?

Hi @gymbuddy_ai!

Short answer: yes.

Long answer:
We’re bringing the React Native SDK docs in sync with the latest version of @realm/react. We did a big docs restructure at the beginning of the year to incorporate @realm/react. More recently, we finished completely overhauling our docs test suite.

In the old test suite, all of the code examples are tested which is good! But in the new test suite, the code examples are all part of a real React Native app that runs on simulators. This makes the test suite much more natural.

Only in the last few weeks have we had time to start updating the docs to reflect the latest @realm/react version. For example, the Manage Email/Password Users page is in sync with the latest @realm/react version.

I’m currently updating the @realm/react Reference page. You can check out the draft PR if you want - but it’s still very much a mess. (DOCSP-27349) Update @realm/react reference page by krollins-mdb · Pull Request #3071 · mongodb/docs-realm · GitHub

Question for you: is there anything in particular you’d like to see changed/updated in the docs?