Realm DB Disappeared

I created a Realm DB to use GraphQL with MongoDB and now I can’t find it.

Well that sounds frustrating!

Can you give us some clues about what steps you took to create the database? Did you create a cluster on Atlas ( and then create a Realm app that is associated with that cluster? How did you insert the data into the database? Have you checked the Collections tab in Atlas (not the Realm app)?


The data is available on the collections tab. I’d like to do some more work on what was created on the Realm tab. I was able to create custom functions and more on the Realm tab. I’d like to do more work there, but each time I click on the Realm tab it prompts me to create a new app.

Are you saying that when you click on the Realm tab, there are no applications listed in the area that says ‘Applications’?

@awe_ful You should be able to create a Realm Cloud app following these instructions -

If you are saying you did that and you are now missing the app please open a support ticket - you can do this by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right of the Cloud Web UI