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While waiting for few critical issues which are blocking the release to be resolved (f.e. Realm-flutter causes iPhone to crash and restart on iOS 17 · Issue #1411 · realm/realm-dart · GitHub and .skip doesn't work well with .take · Issue #1409 · realm/realm-dart · GitHub) it appeared that the entirety of the Realm Dart team was laid off.

So I would like to know if there is a future for Realm for Flutter or it’s development is dropped and we should be migrating to some other db.


This is pretty concerning, my company is about to migrate a large Flutter IOS app from Amplify to Atlas Device Sync, but with both @Kasper_Nielsen1 and @Desislava_Stefanova gone (plus the people I might not know of), who is left to maintain the Flutter/Dart support? Can someone from MongoDB clarify what the future of this library is?

Flutter usage in general (not related to Realm/AppSync) is just shy of that of React Native in 2023 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it surpasses React Native soon. I my mind Flutter support is a must!

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We are already using realm sync in production. I want to know what will happen with flutter support. If flutter support will disappear, we will have to reduce the usage of mongodb atlas and move to another service.


Hey all - Product for Device Sync here. It is true that we’ve had a reduction on the team and we have communicated with those impacted directly. However, MongoDB does not plan to deprecate or discontinue our Flutter SDK. If you have any support issues, please file an issue on our support portal here MongoDB Support Hub | MongoDB - where we can triage and resolve HELP tickets directly. Going forward we will prioritize paid customer support tickets.

Hi Ian. Giving that Realm is not just “some lib”, but the core piece of technology of the mobile app, sorry for not finding you answer very reassuring.

When picking the db, we’ve made an extensive research into the available options on the market and picked Realm almost entirely because of highest maintainability prospects among the document db competitors:

  • MongoDB is behind it, and it is a well known company, which knows what they are doing in terms of databases.
  • Developers were very competent, engaged and responsive.

But then comes the month of complete silence, fact that the whole dart team is gone and a forced response without any specific details regarding the future with the main point being “who needs to know - knows”. That is not a strong case for maintainability.

What would be great to know is whether there would be anyone working on fixing issues in Realm Dart? Will there be new features/improvements implemented?

Also I want to note that I appreciate what MongoDB has done and does for the community, and don’t want to sound ungrateful, especially not being a paid customer yet (though we were planning to enable sync when the app is properly migrated), but again, we are talking about crucial piece of software, where in case of a bug or a lack of proper maintenance, app just won’t work at all.


Hi @Ian_Ward, any comment regarding the last reply?

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Hey @Andrew_M1, I understand your concern, but it’s not clear to me what you’re asking for beyond Ian’s response. We did restructure the organization that handles all SDKs and there was a period where we were focusing on ironing out the internal processes that meant we were deprioritizing responding to Github issues, but recently I feel we’ve returned to reasonable response times there.

That being said, I want to be clear, that there were no periods of slow/non-existent responses to support tickets through the support portal for customers in production. As a commercial operation, those will always be prioritized over supporting the open-source community on Github.

Finally, I’d like to point you to our latest release as evidence that we’re continuing to invest in feature development and bug fixes. If there is a specific feature we’re missing, feel free to upvote the Github issue that describes it or file a new one. And as always, if this feature is critical for going into production with Atlas Device Sync, reach out to your AE to discuss timelines and align on a plan with engineering.

Hi @nirinchev, well, this is exactly the type of response I was looking for, so thank you for taking the time :wink: