Realm collection watch

Hi, I am currently trying to integrate “watch” over a collection changes in React Native app. But after I implemented like in the documentation, the app isn’t notified on the change of any record. I have tried to query collection data and it works fine, so the connection isn’t the issue.
The error that I get when running watch is:

EROR [TypeError: Invalid attempt to iterate non-iterable instance.
In order to be iterable, non-array objects must have a [Symbol.iterator]() method.]

Upon investigation I came accross this issue in Github fails on React Native SDK · Issue #3494 · realm/realm-js · GitHub, which seems to be identical to the issue I am facing.

Is there anyone know a workaround or an alternative to achieve this?

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Hello @Ahmad_Ali_Abdilah ,

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Unfortunately, this is a known issue and the engineering team is still investigating a resolution for it. The workaround to get data from Atlas is to use Realm Sync.

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Hey were you able to solve this?

Is there a solution to this now?