Realm Cloud is down for 15 hours!

All clients cannot connect, Realm Studio cannot connect, What happened?

Hi @Nic_Young,

There are currently no widespread incidents according to system monitoring (and as reported on the public Realm Cloud status page).

Please create a support case for the team to investigate any issues with your Realm Cloud instances.


Thank you Stennie.
No reply from Realm Support. Now it’s over 28 hours.
My clients are killing me.
I have to say the support is terrible

Hi Nic,

Apologies for the delay in support response. Issues are triaged based on subscription plan and priority. The $30/month Community plan does not include a support SLA, but we do endeavour to respond as soon as we can. We also have subscriptions available for Developer & Production support.

It looks like the issues you’ve filed are between 14 and 11 hours ago and there are multiple issues with different comments. I’ve merged those into a single case to keep the discussion focused and bumped this issue with the support team for investigation.

This appears to be a problem specific to your instance, but needs someone from the support team to follow up.


Thank you Stennie!
Everything works now!
Have a good day!