Realm CLI push with breaking Changes


i’m not able to push with “realm-cli push --remote APPNAME -y” while having a breaking change.
“push failed: breaking change not allowed: update is missing property:”
Is there any parameter that allow me to force the push ?

I also tried to pause the sync and push, but didn’t work eather.

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Hi Björn,

First of all, welcome to the MongoDB Developer Community! :tada:

Regarding your question, there are no parameters in Realm CLI in order for you to force the push.

When a destructive change happens, pausing Sync won’t work. You have to execute a couple of extra steps:

  1. You will need to terminate Device Sync. You can do that by going to your /sync/config.json file in the project directory and setting the state field to an empty string "". After that please execute your realm-cli push command.

  2. Make the desired schema changes ensuring that the existing data is compliant, and execute realm-cli push again to push your changes.

  3. Enable Device Sync again by going to the config.json file and change the state field to enabled. After that use therealm-cli push command as the final step.

Please be aware that If you are re-enabling Atlas Device Sync after you have terminated it, you must perform a manual Client Reset in your client application.

I hope this helps.


Hi Mar,

thanks for the explanation. I will try that out next time and maybe integrate it in our pipeline.

No problem at all! Glad I could help.