Realm CLI push failed

I am trying to create a realm function locally and pushing it to my realm app using the realm cli. However I get the following error when I run the command realm-cli push --include-dependencies

push failed: unknown: Argument name clash (54:29)

I don’t know where to go from here. I looked at the deployment history but strangely enough I see entries for the cli as successful and also the deployment ID column is blank.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

Update: This error only happens when I try the --include-dependencies flag. Creating a simple helloworld function that does not have any dependencies seems to work fine.

Hey @ankit.mhn - this means that the dependencies you’re trying to upload are failing. The error message should be more user friendly in the newest version of our CLI, what version are you using?

It would also be helpful to know what dependencies you’re trying to upload.

I’m on realm-cli version 2 and the only dependency I have is the auth0 npm package.

Hey @ankit.mhn - can you use CLI v2.1? We’ve changed how dependency uploads work a little so that should successfully allow you to upload it